If you feel that your car is not working as it should, you can get your car inspected by one of our certified and experienced mechanics. We offer a comprehensive range of car repairs. Whatever your car repair needs, we will endeavour to get you back on the road again as quickly and as stress free as possible.

  • Engine Diagnostics

  • Exhausts systems – The car exhaust system is crucial as a faulty system will be noisy and will emit high CO emissions polluting the atmosphere.

    • Back box
    • Catalytic
    • Convertor
    • Manifold
    • Down pipe or full system
  • Steering & suspension issues

  • Brakes – much like the suspension and steering,  safety is vital and it’s important to have a quality and highly maintained braking system:

    • Brake pads
    • Discs
    • Drums
    • Hand brake/li>
  • Timing/cam belts – Generally this should be changed after every major service, it’s not a costly service but if breaks it will result in spending thousands of pounds for the damage caused

  • Clutch – The clutch transmits engine power to the gearbox, and allows transmission to be interrupted when a gear is selected, or when gears are changed whilst the car is moving, one of the most important parts of the car, and if it breaks or is worn down before its time then you have a problem on your hands.

    • Slave cylinder
    • Flywheel
    • Pedals
    • Clutches
  • Welding

  • Laser Wheel Alignment: Correct uneven tyres and improve fuel consumption.

  • Tyres fitted and balanced to prevent sidewall wear or rot.
    Please contact us for the keenest prices on tyres as these frequently change.

  • Air-con Servicing & Re-Gassing – System control and temp check, Recover refrigerant, vacuum system and leak test (Pressure test using oxygen free nitrogen, Vacuum test, Ultra Violet dye leak detection.) Replace oil and add ultra violet dye, Recharge system and Test

  • Recovery

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